Saturday, August 3, 2013

PRESS RELEASE Half Marathon 2013 Growth in the USA

As we approach the last quarter of 2013, it is safe to assume about 99% of the 2013 half marathons are published, with 2014 event dates now starting to roll in.  Hence, we have totaled the current number of half marathons listed across the USA to evaluate the half marathon growth from 2012 to 2013.

Last year Fifty States HALF Marathon Club &'s CEO Nicole Blomgren, USATF Certified Official, analyzed and provided a count of approximately 2005 half marathons, officially listed on the Half Marathon Calendar, a complete listing of half marathons across the USA with both search by state and search by month features.  The new approximate total for half marathons in the USA (total listed on has now reached a total of approximately 2200 half marathons.  This is growth of approximately 200 half marathons added across the USA over the past year.

The most significant half marathon growth over the last year occurred across California, Oregon and Colorado, with over 50 California half marathon additions, 21 Oregon half marathon additions, and 15 new Colorado half marathon additions, followed by Michigan and Virginia with 12 new half marathons.

With no doubt, half marathon events offering an exciting venue with beautiful scenery, or out of the ordinary swag and medals to attract runners, typically sell out year after year.  However, we have also seen some events cancel over the past year due to low attendance, observed a few go out of business, and several states with a decrease in half marathons over the past year.  This could be evidence of increased competition in some regions, and the importance of planning and a well thought out schedule, a great website, and cool swag and medals to attract runners.  Runners will travel from all over to attend a race that has an awesome course or great swag, but it has to be well portrayed on a website to attract runners.  Having a race listing on a race calendar registration site alone will not do the job.  Additionally, with more races to choose from comes higher expectations from runners and the importance for half marathon events to list their upcoming event dates 8 months to 1 year out in this growing half marathon running era.  

The growing half marathon running era shows no slowing trend, and predicts further continuous growth at approximately the same growth rate over the next year.  While half marathon events continue to grow, the half marathon runners and clubs such as Fifty States Half Marathon Club, also have seen significant growth over the last 2 years.  The half marathon 13.1 mile distance is a fun distance, long enough for a challenge, and short enough to recover quickly and still enjoy an evening out on the town at a weekend destination.  Many first timers immediately catch the half marathon addiction once they complete their 1st.  We look forward to another exciting year of half marathon growth and are so honored to be a part of this fabulous half marathon running community.

California Half Marathons  - over 50 half marathons added
Oregon Half Marathons - 21 half marathons added
Colorado Half Marathons - 15 half marathons added
Michigan Half Marathons - 12 half marathons added
Virginia Half Marathons - 12 half marathons added
Missouri Half Marathons - 11 half marathons added
Washington Half Marathons - 10 half marathons added
Tennessee Half Marathons - 6 half marathons added
Nebraska Half Marathons - 5 half marathons added
Arkansas Half Marathons - 5 half marathons added

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