Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Half Marathon Growth and Community

Half Marathons continue to grow across the USA and around the globe.  The current totals of half marathons in the USA equal well over 2000 events, with recent industry leaders’ claims of close to 2 million half marathon finishers over the past year. The number of half marathon events, and the number of finishers continue to increase annually.  The 13.1 mile distance is perfect for the traveler, allowing the ability to enjoy a weekend destination with little recovery time, contrary to the full marathon distance.

In 2008, Fifty States Half Marathon running club was founded, and has now grown to become a central bonding ground for bringing half marathon runners together from all over the USA, and even some from other countries. The club also has members from Canada, and as far away as UAE. The club features over 300 running event discounts (mostly half marathons), and a fabulous high end gold cup trophy for members who finish a 50 states journey, or 100 half marathons.  The challenges also allow for ironman distance and half ironman distance triathlons to count in totals of various challenges.  The 500 endurance challenge and a 7 Continents endurance Challenge was added as well over the past year, an enticer to go above and beyond 50 states or 100 halts.  Members meet up for dinner and race photos all over the USA throughout the year, and enjoy an unprecedented camaraderie!  The bonds of the members seem to get stronger every year, and more keep joining due to the positive energy the club and members spark amongst others!  The annual meet up and awards, which is held in a new destination every year, has also been an exciting event.  Members drive and fly in from all over to see one another, celebrate membership and awards for challenge finishers, and enjoy a weekend of socializing.  The half marathon club is a welcoming organization with both walkers and runners of all abilities, and is a fabulous running club to meet other likeminded individuals, from some just normal everyday folks, to some with amazing inspirational stories of overcoming adversity.

In 2015, Fifty 50 States Half Marathon Club will hold their annual meet up event at Kooky Spooky Half Marathon in Golden, Colorado, with expectations of close to 200 members attending.  The weekend will consist of a planned light group hike up the scenic Table Mountain, social night of mingling, a Coors Brewery tour, an evening of dinner and awards to be presented to all the 50 States and 100 Half finishers, a race day with mingling at post race tent upon finishing half the half marathon, and another final social gathering the last evening of the weekend.  Join the challenge and a great half marathon group!